Riverside camping in rishikesh


Experience the tranquility of riverside camping in Rishikesh, where the Ganges flows gently by, surrounded by the Himalayan foothills. Nestle into nature’s embrace as you set up camp along the riverbanks, relishing the soothing sounds of water and rustling leaves. With the backdrop of majestic mountains, Rishikesh offers a serene escape, perfect for those seeking a peaceful camping adventure by the riverside.

About Campsite:

Why to Choose Riverside Camping in Rishikesh, Shivpuri?




About Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known for its beach camps along the banks of the Ganges River. These camps provide a unique outdoor experience with riverside accommodations, bonfires, and adventure activities like white-water rafting. They offer a blend of nature, adventure, and tranquility, making them a popular choice for tourists seeking an exhilarating getaway.

1. Riverside camping in Rishikesh Includes:

2. Facilities at Beach Camping in Rishikesh

3. Accommodation at Ganga Beach Camp in Rishikesh

At Ganga Beach Camp in Rishikesh, accommodation is provided in spacious tents that can comfortably sleep three people. These tents offer a comfortable and immersive experience, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the Ganges River while having the convenience of a cozy and secure shelter.

4. Things To Check Before Booking Our Riverside camping in Rishikesh.

Convenient Access: Our Riverside camps are conveniently located, with the main road just approximately 100m away, ensuring easy accessibility.

Proximity to Essential Services: A petrol pump is located just 2 km away from the camp, providing convenience for fuel needs during your stay.

Adventure Activities Nearby: Experience thrilling adventures with ziplining and bungee activities available within 1.5 km of the camp, promising an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Rishikesh Camping Price

Rishikesh Camping Packages

Explore Rishikesh Camping Packages with thrilling rafting included. Immerse in nature, adventure, and Himalayan tranquility for an unforgettable experience by the Ganga.

Bonfire Rishikesh Camping

Enjoy Bonfire Rishikesh Camping—immersing in warmth, under starlit skies. Nature, adventure, and camaraderie converge for an unforgettable experience by the Ganga.


Secure your campsite adventure today with a reservation! Enjoy peace of mind by making a minimum 30% down payment of the total cost. Your unforgettable experience begins with a simple commitment.

Why to Choose Our Riverside Camping in Shivpuri, Rishikesh

Step 1: Riverside Bliss Embark on a journey into the natural wonders of Rishikesh with our exceptional riverside camping experience. Nestled in the embrace of the Himalayas and positioned along the tranquil banks of the Ganges, our campsite offers a breathtaking and serene backdrop for an unforgettable retreat.

Step 2: Comfortable Riverside Living Delight in the simplicity and charm of our riverside camps, thoughtfully designed for a harmonious blend of comfort and nature. Embrace the essence of riverside living with basic yet cozy accommodations, allowing you to connect with the surroundings while enjoying the soothing sounds of the flowing Ganges.

Step 3: Adventure Awaits For the thrill-seekers, Rishikesh stands as the adventure capital of India. Excitement is at your fingertips with adrenaline-pumping activities like river rafting and trekking easily accessible from our riverside camps. Elevate your stay with an infusion of excitement and adventure.

Step 4: Riverside Culture Dive Immerse yourself in the rich riverside culture of Rishikesh with proximity to spiritual and cultural attractions. Explore ancient temples, partake in riverside yoga sessions, and wander through vibrant local markets. Our riverside camping experience extends beyond the campsite, providing a holistic and culturally immersive journey.

Rishikesh Camping Booking

Step 1: Select Your Preferences Begin your journey to a Riverside camping experience by tailoring it to your desires. Choose your preferred dates, amenities, and any special requests to personalize your stay.

Step 2: Select Camp Explore our range of exquisite camps and select the one that perfectly aligns with your vision. Whether it’s a serene woodland retreat or a beachfront oasis, find the ideal setting for your getaway.

Step 3: Payment on WhatsApp Experience the ultimate convenience as you finalize your reservation with a simple and secure payment process on WhatsApp. Skip the complexities and effortlessly complete your transaction, ensuring a smooth and swift booking.

Beach Camping Itinerary

Check-in @ 11:00 AM: Arrive at the campsite as per your scheduled time and get ready for a thrilling camping experience filled with exciting activities. Get settled in your well-maintained Swiss tent that offers attached washrooms, beds, blankets, and charging facilities that can accommodate min 2 and and max 4 people at a time.

Free Time: If you have booked other activities in your package, then you can include them like river rafting, zipline, etc. In addition, guests can enjoy the swimming pool or go for a nature walk in the Ganges Bank.

Thing You Can Try with Riverside Camping

Here you can find the most frequent asked questions.

What types of accommodations are available in Riverside Camping in Rishikesh?

Riverside camping in Rishikesh typically offer a range of accommodations, including well-appointed tents and cottages. These accommodations are designed to provide all the comforts of a luxury hotel while still allowing guests to be close to nature.

What if we want to stay for more than 1 day?

You are most welcome Just double the package and you can available all the services.

To whom should I contact for booking details or any other enquiries?

You can drop WhatsApp message at 7417416115 We will be more than happy to assist you.

What are the Benfits shivpuri beach camp?

Shivpuri Beach camps offer serene natural surroundings, premium accommodations, adventure activities, and holistic wellness experiences, providing an unforgettable and rejuvenating getaway.

Riverside Camping in rishikesh Price?

Prices for Riverside camping starts from 999/- to 1200/- per person

Where is Rishikesh Beach Camp?

If the camp you’re referring to is located in Shivpuri, approximately 15 kilometers away from Rishikesh, then it’s situated in the Shivpuri area, which is a popular destination for camping and adventure activities along the Ganges River.

Camp in Rishikesh Near Ganaga

Experience tranquility at a Rishikesh camp in Shivpuri, just 16km from the city. Nestled by the Ganga, it offers nature, adventure, and the serenity of the Himalayas.

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